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Astronauts were a group of people on a space station orbiting Earth, seen in the very first level of the Campaign. Only four astronauts are known: Houston, Mick, Neil and Buzz; no information exists on if there were any more astronauts. The purpose of the station is never stated, neither it's mentioned why are all the astronauts armed. All that is known about them is that Houston was the head of the group, and the others were just ordinary workers.

During the events of Campaign's first mission, Mick (the player) is commanded by Houston to fix a power generator. After Mick has reached the generator, he whacked it a few times and that fixed it pretty well. Then Houston tells Mick to meet him in the control room. Right when Mick steps into the room, an explosion occurs from the outside of the station, destroying a part of the station and leaving a big hole in it. Since Houston was right next to the explosion, he died before he could say anything, and his corpse flied right onto Mick. Neil and Buzz shout out that the station is under an attack. After a few seconds, a number of men in black uniform walk inside through the hole the explosion made, and attack astronauts without saying a single word. Astronauts did try to stop them, but got greatly outnumbered and outskilled, and presumably were killed. This is where the mission ends.

After the event above, the astronauts are never mentioned again. However, the player, playing as the Rookie from Strike Force Heroes team, gets to revisit the space station in mission 13.

Below is a quick list of astronauts' classes and their weapons.

Astronauts list

Class: General
Weapons: Automag, Wrench
Houston's name refers to a space center in Texas known by its callsign 'Houston', that was in contact with members of the Apollo 1 space mission.
Class: player's
Weapons: UMP, Wrench
His name is a reference to Michael Collins, one of the astronauts who took part in the Apollo 11 space mission.
Class: Engineer
Weapons: P99, Wrench
His name is a reference to Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon.
Class: Juggernaut
Weapons: USP, Wrench
His name is a reference to Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon.

All astronauts use the Astronaut skin with Tundra camo.