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These are common strategic loadouts for the Engineer. Find whichever weapon loadout works best for you.

Note: This article was cleaned up due to a moderate amount of improper information and lack of professionalism.

Default Loadout

The default weapons the player starts with when beginning a new save.

Primary: M4A4 - This is a balanced AR, meaning that it is about average in all of its stats.

Secondary: USP - A single-fire handgun that has slightly below average performance.

Description: It would be wise to upgrade from these weapons as soon as possible.

Long Range

Primary: Any AR that has Increased Accuracy and Increased Range. If you aren't fond of grinding, the Famas and QBZ 95 have the highest base ranges of ARs, while the QBZ 95 and ARX 160 have the highest base accuracy of ARs.

Secondary: Katana - Close quarters, additionally the best Melee weapon available.

Attachment: Heartbeat Sensor/HAMR - Grants a Full Radar/Extended Vision Range.

Skill: Iron Grip - Nullifies recoil (including the extra recoil from Heartbeat Sensors).

Killstreak: Battle Turret - Has more range than Combat Drone and Tesla Coil, activates quicker and is more reliable than Rocket Sentry.

Description: This loadout allows the Engineer to outrange everything other than Sniper Rifles. However, it requires the player to stay sharp to avoid being ambushed by enemies.

Team Support

Primary: Any AR or SMG with high range and accuracy.

Secondary: Any long ranged and accurate secondary/Katana.

Attachment: Extended Mags/HAMR.

Skill: Efficiency/Iron Grip.

Killstreak: Battle Turret/Tesla Coil.

Description: Support your allies by fighting alongside them and deploying your killstreaks in strategic positions.


This emphasizes survivability, which comes in handy especially in modes like Domination or Capture the Flag.

Primary: Any AR with Increased Range, having Increased Accuracy doesn't hurt either.

Secondary: Katana - Allows you to reflect attacks and potentially avoid death.

Attachment: Heartbeat Sensor/HAMR - Having a Full Radar/Increased Vision Range is key to avoiding an enemy's line of sight as much as possible.

Skill: Repair Bots - Fully restores your HP in just a few seconds.

Killstreak: Tesla Coil - Serves as a shield.

Description: Focus on defending or capturing objectives instead of having to retreat and heal or wait to respawn all the time.

Hyper Offense

Primary: Whichever weapon in your inventory has the highest DPS.

Secondary: Katana - Has the highest range and damage any Melee could offer, in addition to reflecting projectiles.

Attachment: Loudener/Red Dot - Increases DPS for ARs/Increases accuracy for SMGs.

Skill: Adrenaline - Increases RoF.

Killstreak: Battle Turret/Combat Drone.

Description: Maximize your DPS as much as possible. Killing as much enemies as possible is the focus of this style.