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From left to right: Deathmatch, One Man Army, Gun Game, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination, Team Gun Game

Game modes are the types of battle that can be fought in Strike Force Heroes 2. They control the rules of a match, such as winning conditions and certain gameplay elements. Each game mode has a different objective to reach that will win the game, for example controlling a number of map areas for a certain amount of time, or getting a certain number of kills. You can select the desired game mode in Custom Game, but in Campaign and Challenges they are pre-selected and cannot be changed.

Below is a list of all game modes available, as well as their rules, descriptions, and also a few hints.

Quick list

  • Deathmatch - Kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • Team Deathmatch - Work together as a team to kill enough enemies to reach the score limit.
  • Gun Game - Kill to change your weapon. Reach the score limit to win.
  • Team Gun Game - Kills change your entire team's weapons.
  • Domination - Capture enemy zones and hold them to gain points.
  • Capture the Flag - Capture the enemy's flag while protecting your own. Capture enough flags to reach the score limit.
  • One Man Army - Work as a team to kill the One Man Army, and then fight against the entire team. Kill enough enemies to hit the score limit.

Deeper descriptions

Some general information:

  • Your lives are NOT limited, neither are anyone else's lives. You can die as much as you want, and possibly still win the match.
  • Everyone in the match can spawn and respawn in any place on the map, unless specified otherwise.
  • If not mentioned otherwise, everyone uses their normally equipped weapons.
  • In "all vs. all" modes, number of players can vary from 1 to 12.
  • In teamed modes, there are only two teams, and the number of players per team can vary from 1 to 6.


Scoring a kill. It's done this way.

Deathmatch is a very popular mode for shooting games, featuring in all of Sky9's shooters. It is also the simplest mode, featuring no extra rules, and involving the player fighting against a number of bots.

Each time someone kills someone else, 1 point is achieved for the killer, while the killed gains nothing but doesn't lose anything either. Each time someone commits suicide (e.g. by shooting himself with a rocket launcher), 1 point is subtracted from his score. Whoever reaches the score limit first is the winner.

  • Possible score limits: 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50. Default is 10.

Team Deathmatch

A teammate just scored a kill.

Team Deathmatch is Deathmatch with teams! It's basically like Deathmatch, but the score is shared by everyone in the same team. Score a kill, and your team's score goes up. Suicide, and your team's score goes down. When a team's score hits the limit, it wins. Everything else is same as in Deathmatch.

  • Possible score limits: 10, 15, 25, 50, and 100. Default is 25.

Gun Game

Gun Game's background mechanics are same as in Deathmatch, but instead of utilizing your currently equipped weapons, Gun Game gives everyone a specific weapon, without a secondary one. Each time someone scores a kill, a new weapon is instantly given to the killer, replacing the previous one. Each time someone suicides, he is pushed one weapon back, to the previous one he had. Progressing through all the weapons and reaching the score limit will win you the match.

The weapons it gives are NOT random. There are pre-determined lists for each score limit, shown under the spoiler (click the Expand button). Note that certain missions or challenges can have their own weapon list.

In case of score limit being 10:

  1. USP
  2. M4A4
  3. No Name's
  4. Intervention
  5. Judgement
  6. Minigun
  7. RPG
  8. Thumper
  9. Flamethrower
  10. Throwing Knife

In case of score limit being 15:

  1. USP
  2. Raffica
  3. M4A4
  4. P90
  5. No Name's
  6. G11
  7. Intervention
  8. Judgement
  9. AUG
  10. Minigun
  11. RPG
  12. Thumper
  13. Flamethrower
  14. Throwing Knife
  15. Magic Wand

In case of score limit being 25:

  1. USP
  2. Desert Eagle
  3. Raffica
  4. Glock 18
  5. M4A4
  6. Famas
  7. G36C
  8. P90
  9. Raging Judge's
  10. No Name's
  11. G11
  12. Barrett
  13. Intervention
  14. 1216
  15. SPAS 12
  16. Judgement
  17. AUG
  18. Minigun
  19. RPG
  20. Commando
  21. XM 25
  22. Thumper
  23. Flamethrower
  24. Throwing Knife
  25. Magic Wand

In case of score limit being 50:

  1. USP
  2. Automag
  3. Desert Eagle
  4. Raffica
  5. Glock 18
  6. PP2000
  7. M4A4
  8. QBZ 95
  9. Famas
  10. Scar
  11. ARX 160
  12. F2000
  13. AKS 74
  14. G36C
  15. Bizon
  16. P90
  17. Patriot
  18. ACR
  19. MP412's
  20. .357's
  21. Taurus 44's
  22. Raging Judge's
  23. No Name's
  24. .500's
  25. G11
  26. G3
  27. Dragunov
  28. Barrett
  29. DSR1
  30. Intervention
  31. Jackhammer
  32. USAS 12
  33. 1216
  34. Neostead
  35. SPAS 12
  36. Judgement
  37. PKP
  38. M60
  39. AUG
  40. Minigun
  41. RPG
  42. Stinger
  43. Commando
  44. XM 25
  45. M32
  46. Thumper
  47. Flamethrower
  48. Zeus
  49. Throwing Knife
  50. Magic Wand

In case of score limit being 75:

  1. USP
  2. Beretta Px4
  3. M1911
  4. P99
  5. Five Seven
  6. Automag
  7. Kriss Kard
  8. Desert Eagle
  9. Raffica
  10. Glock 18
  11. FMG9
  12. MP9
  13. PP2000
  14. M4A4
  15. QBZ 95
  16. Famas
  17. XM8
  18. Scar
  19. AK 12
  20. ARX 160
  21. F2000
  22. AKS 74
  23. UMP
  24. G36C
  25. Bizon
  26. P90
  27. PDW
  28. Patriot
  29. ACR
  30. Thor's
  31. MP412's
  32. .357's
  33. Taurus 44's
  34. Raging Bull's
  35. Raging Judge's
  36. No Name's
  37. .500's
  38. G11
  39. G3
  40. MK 14
  41. Dragunov
  42. Barrett
  43. DSR1
  44. L118A
  45. Intervention
  46. Jackhammer
  47. USAS 12
  48. 1216
  49. KSG
  50. Neostead
  51. R870
  52. SPAS 12
  53. Judgement
  54. MK 48
  55. PKP
  56. M60
  57. IAR
  58. LSW
  59. AUG
  60. Minigun
  61. Cerberus
  62. RPG
  63. Stinger
  64. Javelin
  65. Commando
  66. XM 25
  67. EX 41
  68. M32
  69. Thumper
  70. Flamethrower
  71. Cobra
  72. Nitrogen Gun
  73. Zeus
  74. Throwing Knife
  75. Magic Wand
  • Possible score limits: 10, 15, 25, 50, and 75. Default is 15.
  • If you know what score a person has, you can guess his weapon using the information above.
  • The Fiesta mod still works in this game mode, it will completely randomize the weapon list (e.g. it can even introduce weapons that normally don't exist in corresponding list, like Sheep Cannon), but it'll still be same for everyone.

Team Gun Game

As you might have guessed, it's the same as the ordinary Gun Game, but with shared scores. If anyone from a team scores a kill, the whole team goes one weapon forward. If anyone suicides, the whole team goes one weapon back. The goal is same as in Team Deathmatch - have your team reach the score limit to win.

  • Possible score limits: 10, 15, 25, 50, and 75. Default is 25.
  • Weapon list (as well as Fiesta effect) is same as in teamless Gun Game.


From left to right: gray/neutral point, blue/your point, orange/enemy point.

In Domination, kills do not impact teams' scores. Instead, there are three flag points around the map, and you score by capturing these flag points. The locations of said flag points are pre-determined, and always the same. Stand near a flag point for a few seconds to capture it. Each flag point a team owns scores them 1 point each 3 seconds. If a flag point is captured by the rival team, you and your team must re-capture it to keep scoring from that particular flag point. Accumulate enough points to reach the score limit.

  • Possible score limits: 50, 75, 100, 150, and 200. Default is 50.
  • The number of times a flag point can be re-captured is not limited.
  • Multiple soldiers capture flag points faster than lone ones. Two soldiers do it 2x faster, three soldiers do it 3x faster, etc.
  • You don't necessarily need to secure all three flag points to win. As long as you have at least two flag points for >50% of match time, you'll still win, because the enemies simply wouldn't have enough resources to accumulate the same amount of points in time.
  • Scoring mechanics are actually rather clumsy: each three seconds the game checks the status of all 3 flag points. At this very moment, each flag point claimed by red team gives +1 point to red team, and each flag point claimed by blue team gives +1 point to blue team, and gray flag points do nothing. Due to this, if a flag point was captured by a team but then was lost within three seconds, it's possible that it would or would not give points to said team, depending on how (un)lucky the timing was.
  • Sadly enough, defending a flag point for a long time (not letting the opponents to claim it) does not give any extra bonuses. That is, a flag point that you hold for two minutes gives the same score income per second as that one you captured just a few seconds ago.

Capture the Flag

These are called flags despite being nothing like flags.

Capturing a flag.

Each team (re)spawns on opposite sides of the map, near to their flag (which appears as a bag, or rather, a backpack). The point of the game is to get to enemy flag, take it, and bring it to your base to finish the capture process, all for 1 point into your team's score. Kills do not impact team scores. When anyone is holding a flag, they are restricted to their secondary weapons and can't switch to the primary weapon until they have either captured (brought to the base) the flag or got killed. Capture enough flags/backpacks to reach the score limit.

  • Possible score limits: 3, 5, 7, and 15. Default is 3.
  • Since you gonna work a lot with your secondary weapon, choose a good one! A high accuracy pistol can probably help to dispatch an unexpected enemy, while a Katana can increase your chances of successfully escaping a crowd of enemies.
  • If you're going for the flag, track enemy positions and choose the safest retreat route. Safest mean that one which currently has the least strong enemies in it.
  • It also works to pop up in front on enemy base and wreck them all with a strong primary, then take the flag and run as far as possible from their base before they respawn.

One Man Army

A gameplay screenshot.

Size comparison between the OMA and an ordinary player.

There are technically two teams in this game mode; the initially random member designated as the One Man Army (OMA for short), and everyone else. Everyone cooperates against the OMA. Kill the OMA to become him. Kill enough enemies (no matter if they were OMA or ordinary ones) to reach the score limit.

  • Possible score limits: 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100. Default is 10.
  • The OMA gets a temporary (until death) multiplicative 30% damage resistance, to aid him in overcoming his many enemies.
  • Killing the OMA also fully heals killer's health, but doesn't repair his armor.
  • If the OMA suicides, the status is assigned to a random person. There's a possibility that it would be given to the same person again, effectively making him keep his OMA status even after a death, which isn't exactly supposed to happen.

Unused modes

Since Raze 2 (the first game to use the engine that Strike Force Heroes 2 is built on), there's always at least one unused game mode. Call it a tradition if you want. These never appear in Campaign, Challenges and Custom Games, and lie in game's code as dead weight.

It's unknown what would happen if one would hack them into the game, making them selectable.

Description: Kill all enemies and be the last survivor.
Score type: Lives
Possible score limits: 3, 5, 10, 15, and 25, with default being 5.
Teams: No

Elimination would likely work like it does in Raze series: everyone has limited lives, and the point of the match is to blast the enemies off their lives while trying to not do the same to yourself. When anyone runs out of lives, he is no longer allowed to respawn. The last standing person is the winner.

Elimination worked perfectly in Raze series, so it's quite strange it's not available in SFH2.

Team Elimination
Description: Kill the enemy team and be the surviving team.
Score type: Lives
Possible score limits: 3, 5, 10, 15, and 25, with default being 5.
Teams: Yes (two)

One more leftover item from Raze series. Same as Elimination, but with teams! Unusual for team games, the lives are not shared, and each person has an own set of lives. The winning condition is to keep killing the enemy team until none of its members have any lives left.

Description: Survive the zombies. Get killed by one, and become one.
Score type: Survivals
Possible score limits: 5, 10, 25, 50, and 100, with default being 10.
Teams: No (?, supposedly similar to One Man Army)

Supposedly, it's a remake of Raze 2's unused game mode "Protection". Nothing is known for sure about Outbreak, but it can be assumed to have certain similarities to One Man Army - that is, two teams that can alter during the match, with one team defending/protecting themselves from zombies, and the other team, consistent of zombies, attacking them. When a defender gets killed by a zombie, he becomes a zombie, switching his team and now fighting against his former allies.

Feel free to fantasize on reasons of Outbreak not getting implemented into the game. Certain possibilities include: very different tasks of teams (and also lack of an ability for the player to change his team on his own will), troubles with hiding on smaller maps, doubts on what should count into the score, blatant laziness of game developers, etc.

Additional tips and strategy

  • This applies to any game modes where everyone has personal scores: When you're about to die and you know you can't do much, check out the scores. It's highly likely that some players would have much lower score than others. If you can pull it off, try and walk up close to one of those outsiders, so it's them who take the kill. This way you slightly decrease the potential score of your most dangerous and powerful rivals.