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GlobeX leader climb out of the mech in the last mission of SFH 2

The GlobeX Leader is the main antagonist and Primary Antagonist in both the original Strike Force Heroes and the Strike Force Heroes 2. He appears to be a Caucasian man with dark hair, red eyes, and typical villain mustache. He is the founder and leader of GlobeX, as his name clearly states. The GlobeX leader apparently cloned himself several times, as seen in the last level of the Campaign.


In the first Strike Force Heroes, he appears at first in an encrypted GlobeX video to his troops named "memotosoldiers.avi". He later reveals himself at the last level of the original game's campaign, which takes place on a live nuke. The protagonist of the first game defeats him in combat, and flies off leaving the GlobeX Leader to apparently die as the nuke explodes. However, an after-credits scene reveals that he survived the explosion. The Scientist talks with him on the phone afterwards saying, "And, I'm glad you survived.."

In the events of the second game, his first appearance is in level 14 where he pilots the GlobeX Mech in the background. After the Scientist disarms the nukes loaded into the mech, the GlobeX Leader detests defeat by escaping the clone factory and walking the nukes to the city in the mech. The player is tasked with boarding the GlobeX Mech to stop him. Where the GlobeX Leader then climbs out, and has a final showdown with the hero on top of his mech. He calls in his clones after the player achieves six kills, revealing how he survived the events of Strike Force Heroes along the way. The hero manages to defeat him by shooting him off of the mech.

In the end of Strike Force Heroes 3, he sends a message to the Strike Force Heros offering help with fighting GlobeX.

GlobeX Leader


  • He is the final boss of Strike Force Heroes and Strike Force Heroes 2.
  • His real name is unknown, only ever being addressed as the GlobeX Leader.
  • In the first game, he gets progressively more powerful as the battle goes on, but in the second, he just calls in his clones.
  • Besides the Scientist, he is the only character to appear in both games.
  • If you name yourself GlobeX Leader, you appear with his skin.
  • Clone of GlobeX Leader in SFH3 can be a spoiler about he will fight on SFHs side in next game.