GlobeX Mech

The GlobeX Mech

GlobeX Mech is the robot that appears on missions 14 and 15 of Campagin (Clean Up and Last Hope). It is controlled by the GlobeX Leader, and according to him (or it?), the Mech contains enough nuclear weapons to destroy the planet.


The Mech has several abilities that are activate on missions 14 (Clean Up) and 15 (Last Hope).

Clean UpEdit

  • Laser- use a laser ray that follows the player for a few seconds.
  • Stomp- the Mech stomps and creates a small earthquake. It can be dodged by jumping on the same time.
  • Guns- heavy machine guns on the Mech shoot at 2 moving targets that are marked on the screen.

Last HopeEdit

On this mission, the player stands on the Mech head.

  • Laser- a horizontal laser on the top of the Mech is operated. It can be dodged by jumping on the left or right platforms.
  • Missiles- 6 homing missiles are shot from one of the platforms on the side of the game (3 missiles each few seconds). Very hard to dodge.


It is possible to dodge the lasers the mech uses by pausing the game, as it runs in the background but does not do damage. I believe this applies to both lasers. Dodging the Stomp via pausing is also available, just jump and pause and wait for it to stop.


  • Its design might be inspired by the ED-209 droid from the RoboCop movies.
  • It is possible to deflect the missiles with a katana, the same as deflecting any projectile, but it needs to be timed.