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This page is for the Juggernaut soldier/class, who dominates the field with his size. Click to view Tower, your teammate.


The Juggernaut, as he appears on the class selection screen.

The Juggernaut is a high armor and high health character, who uses short range weapons such as shotguns. Being a remake of the Tank class of Strike Force Heroes 1, he is basically the same: the Meat Shield that goes in up close to eliminate targets. His play style is to sneak up at an enemy and quickly dispatch him, or to walk in front of an ally to shield him from some damage. However, as Juggernaut can't fight effectively beyond close range, he has high chances of dying the quickest against long range weapons.

Juggernaut's stats at level 1

Juggernaut's stats at level 50

Juggernaut has the highest health out of every class (peaking at 300), but the lowest chance to deal a critical hit. It also has the second lowest aiming stat, the lowest belonging to the General. Its ammo stat is second only to the Mercenary.


Character selection
  • "The smell of napalm"
  • "Come get some"
  • "HMMMMMMRG" — When activating any killstreak.


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  • Blast Plate — Medium armor points, -30% Fire/Explosive damage.
  • Kevlar Vest — Above-average armor points, no special effect.
  • Oobleck Armor — Little armor points, armor quickly regenerates.
  • Static Exoskel — Medium armor points, +15% melee damage dealt.
  • Titanium Plate — Lots of armor, -60% health.

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The Headbutter

Neck Protection

I'm The Juggernaut

Storm Trooper


Reinforced Kevlar

Come at Me

The Wall