Night of the Ninja

Challenge Level 10 - Night of the Ninja

Ninja is the minor antagonists on the game,you can see them in Level 10 Challenge:Night of the Ninja.

They are Snipers so they have low health and easy to kill.But cloaking with the True Stealth killstreak,they are invisible and hard to find.

Recommended classes:Mercenary,Sniper

Recommended weapons to use against enemies:'Rocket Launchers',Machine Guns,Sniper Rifles.

Weapon to use:Edit

Sheep Cannon, Stinger and Javelin  are good to homing and detect enemies,best with using Sheep Cannon

(If you have one,and try the one that fits you!)

Cerberus,Minigun and M60 are have good rate of fire,best with using Minigun.

Intervention and DSR1  are have good accuracy and good damage,best with using Intervention.

Ninja Appearance:Edit

They are have a Assassin helmet,a random body,but most with Battle Attire.

They wield only a Katana,always run around the Convoy (Night) map,and cloaking with the True Stealth killstreak.


- Full Radar (Can reveal enemies in your own radar,other it is a Heartbeat Sensor without attachment).

- Battle Scan (Can fully reveal your enemies on the map,in other words is much easier finding enemies than the Full Radar)


  • They always run all around,rarely they stop.And when they stop,that is your chance to kill them.
  • Best with all Rocket Launchers,M200 Intervention,DSR-1,and all Machine Guns.
  • Never use melee weapons to the Ninjas*,they have less health but don't underestimate their damage.If you suddenly run into their position,they can slice you down easily with their Katana.
  • Rarely they can reflect your shots,but it the case they reflected it,and,so what...Funky!
  • Find health pack and ammunition box quickly before they put their feet on it.
  • Hard to find enemies on the Full Radar,if you don't pay attention the Ninjas can easily kill you with one slash by the Katana.

For more infos,please go to the Night of The Ninja to see what the tips you can play against the Feet-Unlimited enemies.

* It's the foes name at you playing.
# It's the weapon that enemies use.