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Sky9 Games, or simply Sky9, is the company that made the Strike Force Heroes series, along with Raze series, Siegius series, and a few more games, which can be viewed on the Games section of their website. Justin Goncalves (also known as Juice-Tin) is the head of Sky9, and he programs all of the games; Mike Sleva and Addison Rodomista are the artists for most of the games. Strike Force Heroes 2 was done by Justin and Mike only, because Addison was too busy with school at the time SFH2 was in development.

On Sky9 website, you can view all of Justin's games, read important Sky9 news, and contact the developers on the Contact Us page. The site also used to have forums, but they are no longer available.

Trivia Edit

  • Justin
  • Mike
  • Sky9's later games often feature a mission/level where the player has to fight the developers themselves, with the developers appearing with special skins with comic design. In Strike Force Heroes 2, such a fight can be found in Challenges, or more specifically, in the last challenge, Bigger and Badder.