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This page is for the playable Sniper. Click here for Jyn, your teammate.

About the Sniper

The Sniper is one of the remade classes from SFH1, originally the Assassin. The Sniper no longer relies on Melee weapons though, instead placing his trust in powerful Sniper Rifles and SMGs. He is best used as a long range damage dealer, as a Sniper Rifle headshot can often be an one-hit kill, yet he's too fragile to get shot a lot, requiring keeping self out of enemy range. He also has some interesting killstreaks, often related to video game hacks.


Character selection
  • "Boom, Headshot!" — This is a reference to Jyn's gamer-turned sniper background. The age old cry of elated gamers fits Jyn's character perfectly.
Boom, Headshot!
  • "Sure, blame the lag." — Another reference to Jyn's gaming. Shooter players famously blame the game's lag for their deaths, in this sense meaning that Jyn's kills are so spectacular, they can be attributed to lag. This is also an underlying dig at the lag sometimes experienced when playing SFH2...
Sure, blame the lag
  • "Battle Scan online!" — This would refer to Jyn's first killstreak, Battle Scan. It's to tell his teammates to take a look at the radar to search for their targets.
Battle Scan online!
  • "It's Headshot Time!" — This is heard when Jyn uses his third killstreak, Aim Bot.
Oh yeah, it's headshot time
  • "You can run but you can't hide!" — This refers to Jyn's last killstreak, Wall Hack. It's to tell his enemies that they can never be able to hide from Jyn's Wall Hacked bullets.
You can run, but you can't hide!


See Skills#Sniper.


See Killstreaks#Sniper.



  • Kevlar Vest — Above-average armor points, no special effect.
  • Magnetic Shield — Little armor points, no special effect.
  • Oobleck Armor — Little armor points, armor quickly regenerates.
  • Static Exoskel — Medium armor points, +15% melee damage dealt.
  • Superalloy Vest — Little armor points, +30% health.

See also: Armor.

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