Sniper Loadouts

These are Sniper loadouts based on common and practical strategies, and as well as more advanced and effective tactics. Find whichever weapon loadout works best for you.

Note: This page was heavily cleaned up as it contained poor and repetitive information from mediocre players.

Default Loadout

The default weapons that the player starts with in a new save.

Primary: Dragunov - The level one Dragunov does not perform well. ROF is good, but due to the subpar accuracy, power and ammo capacity, it is recommended to replace it as soon as possible.

Secondary: Five Seven - A good pistol, but there are better options.

Description: Due to the Sniper's low ammo stat, you will need to keep an eye on your reserve ammo. Pick up ammo crates often, and save ammo by finishing off weakened enemies with your pistol. It would be wise to replace this loadout as soon as possible.

One Shot, One Kill

Primary: Any Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle.

Secondary: Anything other than machine pistols.

Skill: Any skill can work.

Killstreak: Any killstreak can work.

Attachment: Anything that isn't an ACOG.

Description: This is the most common and yet one of the most effective strategies to exist. Due to the Sniper's very high power and extreme headshot damage, not even Lvl 50 Juggernauts are safe from OHKOs. Additionally, the Sniper's unchallenged accuracy and vision range grants him the lowest skill curve of all classes, allowing even mediocre players to breeze through the Campaign and Challenges at Insane Difficulty.

SMG Loadout

Primary: A long range and accurate SMG such as the UMP.

Secondary: Katana - The best Melee weapon available thanks to its high damage, range, and ability to reflect projectiles.

Skill: Armor Piercing - A quicker way to dispatch enemies, also great against heavily armored enemies.

Attachment: Red Dot - Improves accuracy.

Killstreak: Aim Bot - High chance of getting a headshot.

Description: For those who aren't fond of breezing through the game with Sniper Rifles.

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