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Strike Force Heroes 2 is the sequel to Strike Force Heroes, both created by Sky9 Games. It was released on March 21st, 2013, and achieved about 235,000 plays on ArmorGames on the first day. GlobeX has returned, and the Heroes must defeat them once again.


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While under repair, an unknown space station orbiting Earth is assaulted by GlobeX. Meanwhile, you are proving yourself worthy to the Heroes to join them. After being accepted, the Hero's base is under attack by GlobeX. The Heroes then make their way to meet up with the Scientist, hoping to obtain more intel about this organization. The Scientist refers the Heroes to Iagi, a DNA scientist who may be able to create an antidote to stop the clones. Upon arriving at Iagi's home, they find it under assault by GlobeX. The Heroes clean the mansion, and Iagi has remained safe in his Lab underneath his house. They are informed that GlobeX has a clone factory nearby, and may be able to find more intel there. But before the heroes go to the factory, they decided to steal GlobeX's convoy. After returning from GlobeX's base, they get a call from Iagi, saying that the antidote is complete. Dex, however, betrays the Heroes and kills the General. He tells them that GlobeX isn't just coming after them, they're taking over the world, and he doesn't want to be on the losing team when it's all said and done. Dex races to Iagi's mansion, with the Heroes right behind. They are too late however. GlobeX has cloned Iagi, and the Heroes must fight back. They decide to pay one last visit to the Scientist, since he's the only one left that they can get more information from. He needs to get to the clone factory so that he can get an idea on how to stop clone control. The Scientist discovers that most of the clones are controlled from a satelite, and that a virus and be used to infect it and shut down the signal. Now with the majority of the clones free from control, the Heroes must now take out the remaining clones that are under control from the factory. However, everyone alive, including Nathan, Jyn, and Tower, was captured, and now you must continue the mission and save the earth alone. The leader of GlobeX has built a weapon of mass destruction, the GlobeX mech, which you will defeat as well. With GlobeX defeated, the Earth is now in safety....or is it?


Programming: Justin "Juice-Tin" Goncalves

Art & Animation: Mike Sleva

Voice Acting: Sean Chiplock