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SFH2 - The Juggernaut
The Juggernaut, nicknamed Tower, is a powerful soldier that dominates the battlefield with his size.

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Age: Unknown

Homeland: Unknown

Playstyle: Heavy/Close

Tower is a force to be reckoned with. His heavy armor makes him tough to take down, while his love for close range weaponry and small explosives makes easy work of his enemies.

The Juggernaut has been with the organization so long, his identity is not known to the other Heroes. He is only called upon for the most dangerous of missions, that require his extreme ruggedness and power. As his real name is unknown, his height and size alone has earned him the nickname, Tower.

Under the maskEdit

Tower never reveals his face or another part of his body. When seen in the GlobeX facility, the cloned version of Tower has a black armor. 

When selecting the Juggernaut in the menu, a voice is heard saying things like "Come get some" or "The smell of napalm". It is implied this is Tower's voice.

Weapons and StyleEdit

In the campaign, he uses Judgement with Heartbeat Sensor attached to it as his primary weapon. The Flamethrower is his primary weapon in his biography picture. He uses a Raffica as his secondary weapon. His killstreak is Combustion.

He uses the I'm the Juggernaut, the Wall, and the Bandages camo.