- In the first level you can use any attachments to your player UMP,but best to use Red Dot to increase you weapon accuracy.

- On "The Call" level, Dex usually shooting anywhere,so you can use the Katana to reflect shots away ( just only when Dex is in low health,or the shot fly to another teamates or enemies)

- When you battle Iagi, he is very dangerous so you can kill him from far distance,but watch out Dex or GlobeX Sniper because they use Long Range weapons, usually you can see the GlobeX use the L118A.

- In the final level, when GlobeX Leader (use the 500.'s) cames out,you better watch out because he is a Mercenary,got very high ammo.He call for the another two GlobeX Leaders, (MK 14 and Flamethrower),dodge the MK 14 GlobeX Leader shots,if you can manage your jumps. Use a powerful weapon such as Intervention,Javelin or Judgement. The Intervention and Javelin enough to kill 500's GlobeX Leader and the MK 14.

The Judgement,for safety use the Hair Trigger, can be Semi-Auto to enough kill the Flamethrower GlobeX Leader.

You can reflect Hunting Missiles back to GlobeX Leaders, but ot have very weak homing capacity like the Stinger,

so the GlobeX Flamethrower can use the Katana to reflect it out,so you better watch out.


- The Hallow Points is the weakest attachment to kill enemies on harder levels.

- The Red Dot Sight somewhat give you accuracy but the shots will fly away,so choose the right one wisely.

Killstreaks and Skills

These killstreaks are very useful to you on battles:

Aim Bot (Headshot upgrade)

Tesla Coil (Fastly damage the foe,very high health)

Corrosion (Walk around the foe and slowly damage them to death)

- Battle Scan (Can reveal enemies to you and your teamates)

Regen Boost (Regenating your team health)

Critical Boost (To increase team criticals)

Surge (Increase power)

Death Wizard (Infinity your ammo,best using Rocket Launchers)


Iron Grip (Won't decrease your aim)

Overkill (Make huge damage to your next shot)

Immovable Object (Increase your Armor more 30%)

Armor Piercing (Shoot enemies armor 80%)

Full Auto (Full Auto all weapons)

Fast Hands (Reload faster)

Repair Bots (4x regenating your health)


Good attachments:

Increase accuacy: ACOG,Red Dot

Increase splash damage: Incendiary Rounds, Corrosive Rounds

Increase range: HAMR,Long Barrel (Don't have Silencer because it decrease your damage)

Reveal enemies:Heartbeat Sensor (Choose the right one or else you will full recoil !)

Increase criticals:Laser Sight,Thermal,Flux Capacitor

Increase shot damage: Loudener,Target Locater.


Good secondary weapons:

Throwing Knife (Remember look at the ammo bar or else you wasting your weapon)

Desert Eagle

Kriss Kard





Shock Rod

*(FMG9 and MP9 have lots of ammo,but low damage).