My Mercenary

Here are my full ramblings about my Mercenary.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the Mercenary is my favorite class. He is because he's just a remake of the Commando of SFH1, which was my favorite class there. I was always the "charge and kill" kind of game fighter.

As you can see, I've leveled him up to 50, and he has a Javalin and throwing knife.

I use the Hogan and Keepin' Classy suit because I think it's pretty cool, especiall mixed with the GobeX camo. He looks like some biker spec ops guy with it.

The Javalin is a Perfect Incendiary level 43 Javalin, so it has a 25% chance to set the enemy on fire. I use a Perfect Target Locater with it, incresing the damage 18%, but decreasing the explosive radius 15%, which is both good and bad. I'm less likely to kill myself, but I'm also less likely to hurt someone if I miss by a small amount.

A Flawless level 45 Throwing knife is my secondary, it has +15% chance to crit, and I so often do.

When using an explosive weapon like this, I use the ability No Sweat, which decreases explosive/fire damage, and either the Surge, or Death Wizard killstreak, the latter is only useful when you have a rocket launcher, but it is definately useful then.

When I use a machine gun (usually the Cerberus) I switch my ability to Ammo Feed, and my killstreak to Bloodthirst. Bloodthirst is more useful with a faster weapon, because it quickly increases your health, while with a rocket launcher, you'd have to wait about 1-2 seconds per health boost, which could be critical loss in a one-on-one.

I also normally use the Kevlar Vest of the Titanium Plate armors for this class, because he has good stats on most things, and no need for special armors.

Tomorrow the Jugg.