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West is a former general for the British army , his playstyle is very supportive and he can wield dual magnums or shotguns. He is killed by Dex, the Mercenary.

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Backstory Edit

Age: 51

Homeland: England

An expert marksman skilled in light weapons, West has unmatched dexterity in close-range combat. His leadership background allows him raise his team's morale, boosting their combat ability. He is the leader of Strike Force Heroes team. On his path to Secretary of Defense, his team was framed for treason. Being a noble man, he took the fall, cutting his career short. The exact details are unknown, as he refuses to disclose any information to this day. He joined the Heroes because he wanted to make a difference the only way he knew how.

Events in SFH2Edit

West trains the new recruit before the Strike Force Base is attacked by GlobeX. He remains there with Jyn and Tower to protect the place while the other three heroes (The player, Nathan, Dex) go to meet the Scientist for more information on why Globex has returned. The Scientist tells the team that the GlobeX soldiers are clones. He also tells them to visit Iagi, a world famous scientist, for more information. After fighting off a Globex ambush at his mansion, Iagi told the team that the clones are controlled by a single source and he will start making antidotes to so that the clones aren't controlled anymore. When Iagi calls via computer to alert them the antidote is ready, he along with the Heroes are betrayed by Dex, and West is, unfortunately and ultimately, killed.

Weapons and StyleEdit

In the campaign, he uses .500's with a Silencer attached to it as his primary weapon. He uses a Desert Eagle as his secondary weapon. His killstreak is Regen Boost.

He uses the Shepard helmet, the Safety First body, and the Army Drab camo.